Founder Prof. Alexander A.Sosheel


Prof. Alexander Alven Sosheel

About Founder (Prof. Alexander Alven Sosheel)

Evangelist Prof. Alexander Alven Sosheel became biblical Christian in 1969, after a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit. God is using this earthly vessel for His glory since then. He has served the Lord in different capacities in different Churches & Ministries. Since 1989, he is serving as a Founder President of a heavenly vision called Lamp Fellowship International (LFI). At present he is working as Founder & International President of LFI.

He has served as layman minister along with his full time job of Professor of statistics in different colleges in Pakistan for 27 years. Now he is working as full time International evangelist with LFI.

He is a simple, straightforward and enthusiastic person for the Lord's work in the body of Christ (Church) as a whole. God is using him for preaching & teaching the Word of God, healing & miracles through deliverance ministry abundantly. The Holy Spirit holds Evangelist Alexander and changes lives by all nine spiritual gifts as per His will.

He believes in unity & love amongst Churches and Para-church organizations. He has been preaching in conventions and seminars all over the world since 1995. God sent and used His servant to bless multitudes in Middle East, Europe, North America, Far East, Africa and Australia.

God gave him a vision to establish Churches in and out of country in year 2010 and since then Churches by the name of "Kingdom of God International Church (KOGIC)" have been establishing the true Biblical Church on this earth and preparing the Church for the kingdom of God.

He has written two books in Urdu (Pakistani language) i.e Benefits of Incarnation of Jesus Christ (Iffadiat Tajusum-ul-Masih), Understanding the Anointing, (Faham-e-Masah) and One book in English Understanding the Will of God,. Understanding the Will of God is also available in Urdu as (Faham-e-Razay Illahi).

Besides this he writes messages and poetry in Lamp magazine published by LFI on regular basis. He has two sons and a devoted faithful wife as an integral part of his team. Mrs.N.D.Alexander is a housewife, dedicated intercessor and prayer warrior. David & Aaron Alexander are studying in college and planning to prepare for God's ministry in future.

All glory to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost for the grace bestowed upon this humble servant of God because he believes like Apostle Paul who said But by the grace of God I am what I am: and His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. (1-Cor 15:10)