Prof.Alxander Alven Sosheel

Important of knowing the will of God

We will discuss in this chapter why we should know the will of God. There are five different reasons we will discuss in order to understand the necessity of the knowledge of the will of God. They are given below:

1:- Teachings of Jesus
2:- The demand of God
3:- The Lord's Prayer
4:- The utmost submission
5:- Destruction by lack of knowledge

1. Teachings of Jesus

Without knowing the will of God, we cannot do it. If we do not walk in the will of God we shall not enter the kingdom of God. You can be a preacher, you can be a prophet, you may be called a great servant of God, and yet you can miss entry into the kingdom of God. Jesus gave these teachings very clearly in the following reference:

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not everyone
that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom
of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is
in heaven. Many will say to me in that day Lord, Lord have
we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast
out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works?
Then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from
Me ye that work iniquity.
Matthew 7:20-23

So it is very important to know that prophecy, the casting out demons and the performance of miracles will not save us if we do not know the will of God and walk accordingly. We can understand these truths from the following illustrations:

(a) Samson was a great man of God, anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit from the womb of his mother and was ordained to be the judge of the Israelites, and a deliverer for them; to save them from the captivity of the Philistines. But he was faced with the temptation of sexual sin and he started going to a bad woman (harlot).

"Then went Samson to Gaza and saw there a harlot
And went in unto her."
Judges 16:1

If we go through the whole chapter we come to know that the power of the Holy Spirit was being manifested in his life mightily even if he was falling into sin by going to this harlot. It proves to us that the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit does not confirm that we are walking according to the will of God. We are to be judged by the fruit of the spirit in our lives. Sometimes the question arises of why God used somebody living in sin. We see such characters in the Holy Bible and even in the present churches. Please remember that God does not leave a person at once when he falls in sin. Sometimes He uses such fallen leaders, because of the needs of the people and their faith in Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says that the gifts and calling on one's life are unchangeable. There is power in the blood of Jesus, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. All of these work in all circumstances. The Word of God is powerful and effective.

"For the gift and calling of God are without repentance."
Romans 11:29

If somebody continues in sin, the gifts of the Holy Spirit working in his life will stop after a while but the calling on his life still remains. However you would have run away from your calling, rejected and insulted the anointing on your life to stop all those gifts and the grace of God upon your life. Do not forget that the people prophesying, casting out demons and performing miracles were doing them in the name of Jesus, but still they will be rejected by Jesus at the end because of not walking in the will of God.

(b) Paul is another very famous and powerful man of God whom God has used mightily through the power of the Holy Spirit. When you study his life thoroughly he seems to be a unique and incomparable Christian. He knew the truth about Jesus and his teachings through the other Apostles and mostly through direct revelation given by the Holy Spirit. He says, "I control my body (flesh) strictly against committing sins which I can commit because of my old nature inherited from Adam. I can also fall in sin due to temptations from outside."

He says that he is afraid he may become unacceptable at the end due to the committed sins in his life. So he did not allow sins and iniquities to overcome him in this life. He never depended upon his powerful preaching and wonderful spiritual experiences in the past. In other words, he was all the time looking for God's will to be done in his life practically, so that he could enter the kingdom of God with honor. He did not want to be rejected at the end.

"But I keep my body under; and bring it into subjection; lest
that by any means, when I have preached to others, I should be a castaway."
1 Corinthians 9:27