Revival Work

Revival Work

Lamp Fellowship International

God almighty used Lamp Fellowship International and Founder International President Evangelist. Prof. Alexander Alven Sosheel in pioneering the revival work in the beginning of nineties in Pakistan. After getting blessing many new ministries and churches were established and working for glory of the God.

Lamp Fellowship International organizes Monday Meetings (The day of Monday of miracle meetings was given by the Lord to the founder and International President Evang. Prof. Alexander A. Sosheel), Seminars, Evangelistic campaigns, Youth and Women meetings in its centers (different cities of Pakistan) and in those areas which are neglected since Jan-1990. Through these meetings we teach and preach the gospel and win the souls, which have now become the integral part and tools for the glory of God. These meetings are the main source of income as well as the source of winning souls. Income generated through these meetings is being used in other parts of the country for the outreach programs as well. God has given the special burden for those people who were in the past neglected and unreached. Lamp Fellowship now has brought them in the streamline and the brotherhood by supporting them in all walks of life, especially religious and social development.

Although, we are heading towards our goals step by step and slowly due to lack of sufficient funds, we cannot increase the pace, but we are positively hopeful that Lord our God will provide the funds and resources for rapid and speedy outreach work, which is the need of the time. And we pray to our Lord to keep us strong, motivated and spiritually guided for His glory. Amen.

We organize a mega evangelistic meeting on every first Monday of the month in Lahore. In which, people living remote areas of Lahore and in its suburbs gather together to worship the Lord and listen the word of God and have their miracles for financial , physical, social and spiritual matters. This is the biggest meeting of LFI in which thousands of number of people come and being blessed. This is a special feature meeting. Many crises were happened during last many years such as terrorism etc but by the grace of the God this meeting is taking place without break. It was started in a home went to a nearby roof of one of member, then to a school, to a 1-Canal ground in dilkusha, to a Pakistan Gospel Assemblies ground, to Full Gospel Assemblies ground, to Al-hamrah cultural complex, to Full Gospel Assemblies ground again. People prepare and wait whole month for this meeting. God comes and blesses His people through His Word, Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wanders. Many had seen Jesus with open eyes. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are operated mightily. We still feel that we can enhance the circle by providing the people who live in nearby to this city transport facility, which at present is beyond our reach.