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Neelam Saddique

My name is Neelam Siddique and I am member of KOG Church Youhanabad, Lahore. I joined Lamp Bible School in August 12, 2015. Since I have accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior I had a great desire to learn the Word of God and I tried different ways to learn and understand the Word of God. Then God provided me an opportunity to learn the Word of God from His servants regularly in Lamp Bible School.

On very first day our teachers taught us a very important timing which is lacking in the lives of current Christians is that not listen and preach the Word of God but act on it wholeheartedly. The person who acts on the Word of God is an intelligent person. Since I have learned this I have started to apply the Word of God on my life more diligently and the precious Holy Spirit is helping me.

I have also learned what the true virtues of a disciple of Christ are and How to deny yourself. Many things which were very difficult for me to understand, God taught me very easily through our teachers. Actually how a Christian should live his/her life, I understood it after joining the Lamp Bible School. God want to glorify His name through us on the earth.

I am really very grateful to Lord that He brought me in the Lamp Bible School and preparing me for coming time and ministry. I have learned about the love of God. I also learned what kind of love God requires from me. After joining the Lamp Bible School have learned to give thanks to Lord in all the circumstances all time because where He has placed me is His will for me. Those who fulfill the will of God are worthy of entering the eternal Kingdom of God and this happens by the change of heart.

I am also thankful to all teachers who are performing their services wholeheartedly and teaching us deep truths of the Word of God.

In the end I want to encourage you to join the Lamp Bible School and get abundant blessings like me.

God bless you all.

Samuel Chris

My name is Samuel Chris and I belong to district Sheikhupura. I had great urge to study and learn the precious Word of God. I was living in Zila Liya, Jhang where lack of facilities of Bible School, I was unable to quench my thirst.

In year 2011, I came back to my city to my family and in this year First time I came in the First Monday Miracle Meeting. In this meeting I witnessed the different style of Prayer and Worship which was new to me. It was wondrous and good for me. In one of the meeting Prof. Alexander A. Sosheel (A great man of God) called me by name and delivered the message of God to me at that time first time in my life, I experienced the great presence of God. And I came to new deeply that here in this meeting and movement is presence of God residing which was a great turn for my life.

In year 2015, I joined the Lamp Bible School. As per all young people’s dreams, I also had teachers of my dreams. I was thinking and praying to God for meeting the teachers who was practicing the Word of God in their lives. Lamp Bible School is answer of my prayers for me.

Before starting my learning experience in Lamb Bible School, I greatly hate the servant of God. I met the many servants of God but their attitude was always irritating for me. My thinking was that all servants of God work for their own self only and people around me had the same opinion. But after joining the Lamp Bible School I discovered that it’s not so with all, world still have good servants of God. My thinking was changed and love took over the hate.

Before joining the Lamp Bible School I was a self willed and self following person. I was a Christian without knowing the Christ. But I learned that we have to crucify our self, so Christ be seen from us. Then I started work on myself and started to forgive others, because I was able to know that without Christ I am nothing. Before learning this I was afraid of declaring myself as Christian But now I am proud of being Christian. I remembered in one class we learned that that a Christian is and what is the importance of a Christian, in that day when I was going back to my home, on the empty road my heart was crying that with my all self, I shout loudly that I am a Christian.

What I had learned about the kingdom of God was a totally new learning for me. I never heard about it before. One thing always remain in mind that because we are able to see body that is way our whole life revolves around physical, what to eat, what to drink, what to wear. As we are unable to see that we are spirit being, we never thought about spirit. But we need to understand that spirit is eternal.

The biggest benefit of Lamp Bible School is that in the absence of my father from our Church, now I am able to preach easily. I know that God has many more blessing for me in Lamp Bible School. This is my heartfelt wish that many people should join the Lamp Bible School. If I am able to come from so far, many people have class in their home.

At last I want to say one more thing which I have learned in the Lamp Bible School that only those people get the revelation, understanding of the Word of God that are able to pay Cost.

Thanks and God bless you.

Saania Sisal

My name is Saania Sisal and I live in Bahar Colony, Kotlakhpat, Lahore. I joined Lamp Bible School

In August, 2015, after knowing about it through First Monday meeting and Lamp Bible School has brought a great change in my life. 

The things that happened to me are:-

The place where God has kept you is best for you. When Sir Cyril taught this I was really confused and couldn’t understand it. When I look back in my life, four year ago I gave M.CAT for admission in medical college. I was not able to get admission in medical college. I took admission in Bsc.Hons (Chemistry) at Kinnard College. I was not happy and always asked Jesus about this but now I have understood that this is a place where God wants me to be and I am very happy with this.

I promised myself to walk with God and seek His will in everything I do. I left dancing on songs and lessened watching Television, spending more time in communication with God.

My faith in God became stronger. In college, we have to submit our research report in April 2016, pr if late then next year. Everyone in my class started their work in November or December. Because of chemical issues my research work was started in February. I have to complete my work within two months. In these days I stayed calm and prayed continuously. All the lectures delivered by Sir Cyril and Sir Azhar increased my faith that God is always there to answer our prayers. My work was completed and I submitted my work with in time.

All glory to God almighty for my admission in Lamp Bible School.