Welfare work

Welfare Work

Lamp Fellowship Welfare Work

Lamp Fellowship International is working for the welfare of human beings since her beginning in different forms and capacities. Many individual are given the feed of the Word of God and won for the Christ (The biggest welfare of a person on this earth).

But due to different situations and circumstances LFI was unable to do it for the physical needs of the peoples at largest scale. Many individuals and families were helped but on very minor scale. But LFI tried hard to stood with our Christian community and we did whenever it went through crises like Shantinager, Gojra, Joseph Colony etc. LFI also worked in the crises times of flood, earthquakes etc for the welfare of our Pakistani family.

Two years back LFI started a Welfare School named "Lamp Welfare School" in Youhanabad, Lahore. It is a largely populated Christian town in Lahore.

The purpose of the school is to provide education to the children's of depressed Christian community. To bring children's to school who are unable to get education due to lack of financial resources and neglect of parents. The school is working but LFI is struggling to manage it due to lack of financial resources.